Q: Will I need to make alterations to my suit?

A: Yes, minor alterations will be necessary and can easily be handled by your local tailor or alterations professional. Your suit jacket comes with basted sleeves that allow for your tailor to adjust the arm length to provide a precise fit. The pants come with an unfinished hem that allows your tailor adjust them to your height. Again, these are simple alterations, that you would expect with any high quality suit. Strong Suit also offers a made-to-measure suit that is customer tailored to fit your exact body type.


Q: How do I clean my Strong Suit?

A: This depends on a number of factors. Generally, we recommend avoiding drying cleaning if at all possible, unless you experience a significant stain. The chemicals in dry cleaning actually degrade the fabric quality and shorten the life of your suit. In some cases, if there is a visible stain, dry cleaning may be unavoidable. But it’s best to clean your suit as infrequently as you can. A good rule of thumb is to let your suit “air out” after wearing. Just hang it somewhere outside of your closet for 24 hours to let it breathe. Then put it back into your closet until you’re ready to wear it again.


Q: What color shoes should I wear with my suit?

A: Personal style will factor into your decision but there are a few unwritten rules that you can go by when matching your suit and your footwear.

   Navy - Black, Brown or Burgundy shoes.

   Medium and Light Grey – Black, Brown or Burgundy shoes.

   Brown – Brown or Burgundy shoes.

   Charcoal – Black shoes.

   Black – Black shoes.