Heritage fabrics. Tailored fit. Canvas construction. All for under $700

Everybody has a strength. Our abilities and our vulnerabilities make us who we are. At Strong Suit we hope to accentuate your best qualities. We give you a no excuses garment with fine tailoring and fabrics that allow you the freedom to express who you are. The details are all there; Pic stitching, a canvas construction, a fine tailored fit, and elegant fabrics. As you navigate the next few years through weddings, parties, last minute road trips or a European excursion our garments will be your willing companion through whatever adventure awaits. Enjoy the journey as you answer the question “What’s your Strong Suit?”



Jamie Davidson, Strong Suit

Jamie Davidson is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and founder of Strong Suit Clothing. In 2000 Jamie co-founded Normandy and Monroe, a southern design label that catered to specialty stores and Neiman Marcus. Normandy & Monroe was featured by Neiman's in the 2003 version of "The Book" and in Saks Fifth Avenue's Christmas windows in New York. In 2005 he launched Tre Vero, nationwide at Dillard’s Department Stores. The brand was carried in 160 of their locations. By 2013 he had noticed a hole in the menswear market and worked to launch Strong Suit, a premium quality, value focused line that is now featured in Nordstrom as well as some of the top boutiques in the country. Strong Suit has been worn on the red carpet by numerous celebrities and continues to relentlessly focus on delivering value to discerning customers.

Jamie Davidson is a self taught designer from Little Rock Arkansas. His first fashion label, Normandy & Monroe, put him on the map and his first women’s collection on the front of the Neiman Marcus Holiday book. Jamie believes in style over fashion and that style is best described by him as “old money”.

“There’s old money and new money. It’s always best to look like you’ve been there”.

The grandson of a noted post modern architect Jamie believes in cultivating a long term aesthetic around ones personal style.

“ I bought the watch that I wear at a flea market for $10 in 1989. I have five suits, four sport coats, and ten ties in my closet. Style is as much about what you aren’t wearing as it is about what you choose to wear and how to live”.

He believes in editing yourself carefully. Jamie still lives in Little Rock where he pursues his other passions of cars and movies. He recently produced his first independent film “Dayveon” which opened at Sundance. He drives his 1986 Porsche 928 to work everyday.