Thomas Middleditch, in Strong Suit by Ilaria Urbinati at Paleyfest 2018

Thomas Middleditch, in Strong Suit by Ilaria Urbinati at Paleyfest 2018

Thomas Middleditch recently attended a screening of the fifth season of HBO’s Sillicon Valley at PaleyFest 2018. For his red carpet appearance he was style by Ilaria Urbinati in a look from her upcoming collection, Strong Suit by Ilaria Urbinati which will be available exclusively at Nordstrom.


Thomas recently sat down with Variety to discuss the new season without T.J, Miller an social issues this season will address. The show has been criticized in the past for it’s lack of female character and roles which Thomas explained to Variety was intentional.

“The creators, their response has always been that their objective is to accurately portray it and that’s kind of what it is,” he said. “Hopefully that’s something that will change, but not something for the show to do.”

-Thomas Middleditch, Variety March 19th 2018

The most challenging aspect of the new season will be the absence of one of the shows leading roles, Erlich Bachman, played by T.J. Miller. Although it will be difficult Miller’s character was becoming harder to write into the show. And with Miller’s decision to move on it was natural progression to have silicon valley move on without him.

Although rumored to be the final season don't write it off just yet. The show's creator, Mike Judge feels that it is taking on a new life, a second wind.

“Silicon Valley” season 5 premieres March 25 on HBO. Also, be sure to stay tuned for more news about Strong Suit by Ilaria Urbinati.

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