Big Love for Motorsport takes Life in Tiny Form.

Big Love for Motorsport takes Life in Tiny Form.

Style and culture go hand in hand and at Strong Suit, we have a sound pairing with vintage motorsport. Imagine a time where everything at the track flowed together, from the curves of GT40 to the lines of a 3 piece suit; when the only break from black when you scanned the crowd was from the white of a button-up shirt peeking out from lapels.

Times have changed and we visit the past mostly in pictures. One company, Slot Mods Raceways, is bringing back that era in miniature form with the finest of detail. These artisan craftspeople, led by founder and owner David Beattie, create bespoke, hand-crafted, 1:32 scale, fully functional wooden slot track raceways to be enjoyed around the world in private homes, ultimate garages, museums, commercial trade shows and showrooms.

Our love for Porsche here at Strong Suit is no secret. In fact, our founder Jamie Davidson, drives a restored 928 daily. So it seems fitting that out of all the amazing tracks they have created we feature their Porsche 917 Le Mans masterpiece.

If you want to go back in time in a small way, visit You can find out where to see one of their tracks in person or commission your own.


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