Is it time to buy a tuxedo?

January 04, 2016

Beware the perils of rented formal wear.

There are two major factors to consider when contemplating purchasing a tuxedo — your budget and your personal style. Make no mistake, a tuxedo is an investment. But like a good quality suit, it’s an investment that pays for itself pretty quickly. And as for how you look, it’s hard to put a price on that.
Despite the fact rented formal wear often looks cheap, it actually isn’t easy on the wallet. As those who are fortunate to have been frequent groomsman can attest, the ill-fitting tux available at the rental store down the street is far from inexpensive.
Your average tuxedo rental is going to cost you around $200. If you hit a couple of weddings and two or three formal events over the course of two years, you’ve easily racked up $1,000 in rental fees. And worst of all, you’ve got nothing to show for it, short of some photos of you in poor fitting trousers and a blousy jacket that some teenage kid was wearing to prom just weeks prior.
A well-made tuxedo can be purchased for around $700 — a great investment that pays for itself in no time. If you are confident that you aren’t going to gain or lose a bunch of weight any time soon, you might even consider a made-to-measure tuxedo for just a little bit more. While off the rack options are perfectly acceptable, a custom fit tux will take your black tie look to the next level.
The bottom line is this — a good tux is one of the foundations of the well dressed man’s wardrobe and something you should budget sooner rather than later. The compliments you get when you walk into your next formal gathering, will prove that it was money well spent.

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