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Our dress shirt is designed to be tailored but not skinny and works as well with your favorite pair of jeans as it does your Strong Suit. Our fitted design eliminates excess fabric and creates an excellent shape without sacrificing comfort. Our fabric, a 100’s double, offers the perfect combination comfort and good looks. The shirt has a traditional placket, no pocket and collar selected to create a flattering profile when wearing a suit or sport coat.

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What's your Strong Suit!

Success 101.

January 14, 2016


Assembling your post college business wardrobe.

You’ve successfully graduated college and you're ready to start making your way in the world. Whether you’re just beginning the interview process or you’ve already landed your first paying gig, you’re going to need to start building a wardrobe essential to navigating life in the corporate world.

The first and most critical purchase you can make is a couple of nice quality suits, starting with a navy blue one. The navy suit is the bedrock of any functional wardrobe. You can purchase a nice one for a little over $500. Not only is this a great garment to wear just about anywhere your job may take you, from interviews to business presentations, it also offers a ton of flexibility outside the office walls.

You can wear a well-tailored navy suit to just about any social engagement, short of black tie and look great doing it. Your tried and true navy suit also presents plenty of mix and match options. Pair the suit jacket with your favorite jeans for a clean casual look that works between 9 to 5 and well into the evening. You can also wear the pants and your favorite oxford for another go to look.

The second staple you’ll need is a grey suit. Like the Navy suit, it’s a classic look that you can wear year round to just about anything. It too affords the ability to deconstruct for a variety of combinations for work and casual settings.

Obviously, you’re going to need shirts as well. A white dress shirt and a light blue dress shirt should be your default here. Over time, you should add more depth to your closet but you have to start somewhere and these two standards can take you a long way.

Ties are a little more subjective and offer you a chance to show some of your personal style. Be forewarned however, that in most business settings, less is usually more. Unless you’re interning for a fight promoter or rap mogul, crazy patterns and wild colors should be avoided, especially when you are trying to create crucial first impressions. Simple stripes and traditional patterns in blue, reds and greys are a good start.

Your wardrobe, like your life is always going to evolve. But early in your career, putting your best foot forward is key. Maximizing your finances is also critical, which again reinforces the reasoning to get high quality basics that will look great and last. That bargain suit you found isn’t a bargain at all if it starts to unravel after a few wearings or fits you poorly. Your wardrobe is an investment in your career, treat it that way.

White done right.

January 07, 2016


Finding the perfect white dress shirt can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s an item that’s in every guy’s closet—the white dress shirt. But despite something that we all need and all wear, finding one that balances fit, form and function can be more daunting than you would think.

Once you understand that all dress shirts are not created equal, you can begin your search. Like anything from computers to cars, you invariably get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a ton, but for something you’re going to be pairing with a nice quality suit, you should budget between $100 – $150.

Fit should be your first and foremost concern. Materials obviously play a role, but if a dress shirt is poorly designed, you’re going to end up with a silhouette that is far from flattering. The collar is also something that seems foolproof but you should pay close attention. You’ll want a shirt that has a collar that yields a nice profile when wearing a suit or sport coat.

Finally, from what is your dress shirt made? The correct answer should be cotton. But the type of cotton and the thread used to make it are critical. When shopping for a dress shirt, you may encounter numbers like 80s or 100s. These numbers correspond with the thread count and generally speaking, a higher thread count is better. A double 100’s dress shirt is a great option for a clean, well dressed appearance and can be obtained at a reasonable price.

White shirts may seem mundane. But when you finally get one that fits properly and perfectly compliments your favorite suit, you’ll understand the difference that a better shirt can make. Not sure what size or type shirt is right for you? Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


Beware the perils of rented formal wear.

There are two major factors to consider when contemplating purchasing a tuxedo — your budget and your personal style. Make no mistake, a tuxedo is an investment. But like a good quality suit, it’s an investment that pays for itself pretty quickly. And as for how you look, it’s hard to put a price on that.
Despite the fact rented formal wear often looks cheap, it actually isn’t easy on the wallet. As those who are fortunate to have been frequent groomsman can attest, the ill-fitting tux available at the rental store down the street is far from inexpensive.
Your average tuxedo rental is going to cost you around $200. If you hit a couple of weddings and two or three formal events over the course of two years, you’ve easily racked up $1,000 in rental fees. And worst of all, you’ve got nothing to show for it, short of some photos of you in poor fitting trousers and a blousy jacket that some teenage kid was wearing to prom just weeks prior.
A well-made tuxedo can be purchased for around $700 — a great investment that pays for itself in no time. If you are confident that you aren’t going to gain or lose a bunch of weight any time soon, you might even consider a made-to-measure tuxedo for just a little bit more. While off the rack options are perfectly acceptable, a custom fit tux will take your black tie look to the next level.
The bottom line is this — a good tux is one of the foundations of the well dressed man’s wardrobe and something you should budget sooner rather than later. The compliments you get when you walk into your next formal gathering, will prove that it was money well spent.